Our Practice


At Chaussee Chiropractic we are always focused on treating the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms.  For more than 20 years we have been providing Chiropractic care to Chilton, Hilbert, New Holstein and the surrounding areas.

Rather than using medications and invasive surgical procedures, we utilize a conservative hands-on approach and state-of-the-art cold laser therapy, combined with exercise and nutritional information.  With these techniques we can help eliminate your pain and optimize your overall health.


Whether you need treatment for a basic injury, accident/work related injury, athletic injury, have a chronic body problem (such as back pain, sciatica, arm or leg pain), or just want to improve your overall health, Chaussee Chiropractic may have a solution for you through chiropractic care.  Dr. Chaussee is committed to bringing you and your family better health and a better way of life by practicing the true principles of chiropractic care.


If you are in need of a chiropractor in the Calumet County area, please call or email our office today to schedule an appointment.


What We Do


Patient care at Chaussee Chiropractic focuses on chiropractic adjustments for people of any age. A variety of chiropractic techniques, including adjusting of knees, shoulders, ankles and feet, as well as low-force adjustments for people with arthritis or osteoporosis, are used to match our patients’ unique needs.


sports and workplace injuries, as well as general wear and tear, require an individualized treatment plan to return you to an improved quality of life. Dr. Chaussee will focus on your:


  • endurance

  • pain reduction

  • range of motion

  • stability

  • strengthening

  • stretching


Our main focus is always on the health of your spine and the nervous system as it relates to your overall health.


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Laser Therapy


What Does It Treat?


Laser therapy can be helpful with any soft tissue complaint.  Things such as sprains/strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis (tennis elbow, golfers elbow), TMJ complaints and many other conditions.


How Does It Work?


Laser therapy transmits light energy into the body's tissues.  The cells in the muscles, tendons and ligaments "pick up" that energy, which in turn stimulates an increase in the cell's ATP production.  This essentially increases the cell's metabolism, which accelerates the healing process in the soft tissue.


If you have a new injury, laser therapy can dramatically reduce healing times.  If you have a chronic injury, laser therapy may help you finally reach your maximum improvement.


Ask Dr. Chaussee if laser therapy could be helpful with your health condition.